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Ready to Create and Live the BEST Version of YOU? 

Get Yo' Life is designed to give you the guidance, support, and instruction for creating a life of wellness that works for YOU. Your life is different from anyone else's and discovering the habits and practices that allow you to become consistent, be internally inspired, and self-disciplined will empower you to embrace and make the changes you want. 

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Why Listen to Me? 

Because I've been where you are and maybe even a few places you haven't... and I know what it is to be:

* Overweight

* Depressed

* Fatigued

* Overwhelmed 

* Disappointed 

* And Frustrated

I also know what it's like to be told "this is as good as it's going to get". See, after four major knee surgeries, nerve damage, 2 years of physical therapy, and years of pain management... my surgeon looked me in the eyes and said that very thing to me. I was 32. 

And for years... I believed him.

Then it all started to change... 

I began to understand that if I did not learn to accept who I was... love who I was... and be grateful for who I was, I would never be able to become who I desired to be. 

Having my physical disabilities meant finding a way to workout and get healthy that worked FOR ME... In addition, I had been diagnosed with an incurable autoimmune disease, Graves Disease, that severely impacted my body in many ways... 

So I set about finding: 

* An Exercise Practice that fit both my goals and my physical abilities

* A Mindfulness Practice that allowed me to quiet my mind, gain clarity, and stay focused despite my doubts and "demons" (we'll talk about those later)

* A Nutritional Practice that fit my lifestyle as a mom, corporate executive, student, and wife... and one that just fit ME when all those titles changed.

The Result?

A life that I'm truly in love with... and that includes loving ME. 

A balance between selflessness and self-care that doesn't make me feel guilty. 

A body that I pause in front of the mirror to check out every now and then in appreciation lol ;) 

A LIFESTYLE that I can maintain... in the face of my physical disabilities and challenges.

“You get ONE body in which to LIVE this ONE LIFE.”

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What Get Yo' Life Includes:

A 12 Week Course Designed to Give You the Tools to Create a Life of Wellness that Works... for YOU.

  •  1. A Proven System for creating a consistent practice of Mindfulness, Nutrition, and Exercise 
  •  2. Instructional and Inspirational Videos to help you learn and master the practices.
  •  3. Email Support with tips, helpful tools, and a variety of techniques to find a method of practice that fits you.
  •  4. An easy-to-follow curriculum that perfects instruction and freedom to allow customization so it's personalized for you.  
  •  5. Access to my Exclusive Private Group for additional tools, support, encouragement, and accountability.
  •  6. Weekly LIVE Webinar to answer your questions and provide guidance for overcoming the obstacles that come up in your practice..
  •  7. And MORE! 

Your circumstances don't matter. Your physical abilities are irrelevant. You CAN do this!

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Get Yo' Life Special Rate of $147  Registration and $97 per month

ONLY $47 One-Time Registration Fee and $37 per month! 

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