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There is a common misconception that a coach is simply someone who listens to your problems and then offers encouragement or advice.


At least when it comes to my coaching programs. My certification is based on Communications, Leadership Development, and Conflict resolution which means I have concrete techniques that unlock how you process information subconsciously. 

When you understand how you (and the people around you) process information, you can communicate on a much higher level. With 95% of all conflict being miscommunication, this is an invaluable tool. 

From there... the sky is literally the limit.

How you communicate with yourself and others is the key to releasing judgment, getting unstuck, and unleashing your true power and potential from within. 


Are you a successful entrepreneur or corporate individual who finds yourself struggling to maintain balance? Can't find a way to move forward in the areas you would like? Unable to keep the work and family on the same playing field? Never able to find any real time for yourself? 

High Performance Coaching is for individuals just like you. You discover new tools and techniques that allow you to free up some head space, maximize your production, and tap into the endless energy you need, AND gain some mental clarity and peace of mind.


Get Yo' Life is an online wellness coaching program encompassing Mindset, Nutrition, and Exercise. It is NOT a personal training program.

It is specifically designed to give you the information, tools, resources, and support you need to develop a healthy lifestyle that fits YOUR body, your SCHEDULE, and your BUSY LIFE.

There are no strict meal plans that you can't maintain long term or difficult exercises that put you at risk for injury or frustration. 

Instead the program packed full of nutritional and workout guides, recipes, example videos, etc to make sure you have everything you need to build a lifestyle you LOVE! 


Individual life coaching varies greatly from one client to the next depending on their needs. These individual sessions are done via secure video conference for long distance clients and usually last 30-60 minutes. Again, coaching isn't about digging up the past or having a paid friend to listen to your drama. 

The sessions are used to identify negative thought and behavior patterns from the past, adjust the root or core belief driving them, and do the work to push forward in your purpose, passion, and goals in the present!

“We all experience the same challenges and struggles; they just show up differently in our lives. Once you realize that, you can be open to do the work and not held back by shame.”

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Dani Cook

Dani holds a Life Coach Certification from Institute of Leadership Development and a Spiritual Life Coach Certification as well. She is a Landmark Continuing Education Graduate and has completed over 12 months of training as a coach.

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Why I Chose to Become a Coach

There is nothing, absolutely nothing, like helping someone uncover a truth about themselves that enables them to embrace life in a new, fuller way. The ability to meet people where they are without judgment, giving compassion and understanding, while also holding them accountable and pushing them forward is a gift that I'm extremely grateful to have. Brene Brown said it best... "At the end of my days, I want to say that I contributed more than I criticized." And I agree... with every fiber of my being and all of my heart. 

So, I became a coach.

As a coach, I love showing people that often times the changes we desire to make are simple. 

Simple doesn't mean easy though. 

To show you what I mean... I'll giving you a small gift below. Check it out.

A Little Something to Get You Started

Having a morning ritual is one of the most powerful tools you can have in your daily arsenal. It allows you to...

  •   Be Empowered -  When you have a morning routine that you are able to execute daily, it's begins your day with accomplishment.
  •   Be Balanced - The most effective morning routines include a mental, physical, and spiritual component for balance.
  •   Be Productive - Because you're already knocking out tasks in your morning routine, that behavior continues into your work as well.

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