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Growth Requires Courage...
Let's Be Brave Together!

Life is a journey none of us were meant to walk alone... join me.

Through my poetry, books, seminars, and coaching I've learned that words have a way of healing. So, we must do the work... to find the right words.

I've worked with successful CEOs, survivors of domestic violence, our homeless, and teens simply trying to navigate this thing called life and ALL of them shared this one truth... The success of your life will be directly equivalent to your willingness to show up, dig deep, and do the work.

The Work Comes in Many Forms

Spitting poetry, conducting seminars and workshops, providing coaching for personal and business clients, and being a conduit for healing are all ways the work shows up.

Coaching & Development

Leading the Work through Personal Life, Business Leadership, and Communications Coaching...

Workshops & Seminars

From high school and college campuses to women's retreats and workshops, I have seen...

Poetry & Spoken Word

Also known as Dani the Poet, I have used the art of poetry and spoken word to do more than just entertain...

Healing & Intuitive Help

We are whole, complete, and perfect just as we are... sometimes we just need a little extra guidance...

I am not sure when or how it happened, but at some point, it became about the contribution. If I'm not contributing to the lives of others... I'm not doing my work.”


Life is full of ordinary moments. We often miss the potential of those moments looking for, wishing for, chasing after the extraordinary. But our power lies in the lessons offered in the regular... the every day. In sharing with each other, we find acceptance, inspiration... we find courage.


Since April 2014, we have spread the message of love and unity through our Free Hugs & Love Campaign. It started with just hugs and evolved into a relationship of love and support with our homeless community. Through rain and snow, hot summers and cold winters... even tense racial protests, we've stuck with it. And now...

What Others Say


The students of Cabarrus Kannapolis Early College High School love Dani! This age group respects authenticity, relevance, and pizazz! Dani provided it all in a way that touched students deeply, brought hope, and inspired them to pursue their dreams despite humble/painful pasts. They were excited all week about her return this year and want her back again. Dani's message is powerful and practical for audiences of all walks of life. She's a blessing to our student body.

Yolanda B. 



Dani's performance was amazing! I'm really thankful that she isn't the type of person that thinks just because they're professional they have to stay away from "normal" people and she was glad to stay behind for a few extra minutes to answer questions and take a few pictures. She is truly my inspiration and just listening to a few of her works has gotten me through more than anyone I've ever had a personal relationship has. She is truly a blessing and I hope to see her again next year or sooner! We love Dani!”



Dani is absolutely a force that moves people, especially women, toward healing versus being stuck in their struggle. Dani provided us with a safe place to hear, reflect, and take the risk of owning our power and our narrative. She is a one-woman force of resiliency, empowerment, and awareness. I am so thankful for her talents. All of our participants were moved, many to tears at having their experiences validated and affirmed. We most definitely want her to come back!

Dr. Amy S.

Do the Work...  and Watch the Possibilities You Create.

Courage to explore change is necessary in every area of our lives. Our innovation, creativity, and ultimately our ability to fully experience love and joy is directly correlate to our willingness to attempt and our commitment to doing the work.

Dani Cook

I believe that at our core we all want to love and be loved... and that we are absolutely terrified of actually getting it. This fear is what causes us to show up inauthentically in our lives, holds us hostage in old behavior patterns, and sabotages our best intentions. Together... we can change all of that.

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