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Speak Your Truth... 
Even if your Voice Shakes

Discovering your voice is a powerful thing. It enables you to acknowledge, release, and heal if you so choose... Poetry was the beginning of all of that for me.

Poetry is like music. 

It's a superpower... it creates a space for absolute transparency, intimacy, and togetherness. It transcends the things that divide us. Reaches beyond social constructs. Crosses political correctness and absolutely destroys the concept of what is considered socially acceptable.  

It is a space for undiluted, unapologetic truth. 

Listen, but don't take offense. Absorb, but don't judge. These are my words... not yours.” - Dani the Poet

The Rantings of dani

Dani's first steps into the poetry world were on Myspace (yes, I just said Myspace lol). It was a space to write posts frequently and have people read them, comment, etc. While it was great to hear feedback, Dani's primary focus was finally getting to speak her truth.

Being able to express the hurt of childhood molestation, military sexual trauma, and more was the beginning of her healing. 

Even though she didn't know it. 

Those "rantings" turned into a book and the subsequent poetry that came later is now a collection of cds that are now available worldwide.


Dani's poetry has taken her to stages across the country, on major radio stations like Power98FM in Charlotte NC, and opened doors she never dreamed possible.  

From festivals, conferences, and poetry venues to colleges and universities, her words as a woman, person of color, disabled veteran, and trauma survivor have touched the lives of more people than she ever dreamed.

It's a blessing for which she is and will always remain grateful.

What Others Say


New Bern Civic Theatre prides itself on bringing quality shows that enhance, include, educate, and entertains the community, as well as introducing new art forms to the stage. Dani Cook's powerful performance left us in awe and was the perfect breath of fresh air that we needed. Weeks after her performance we are still getting feedback on the show's intensity, honesty, and thought provoking messages. Working with her on this special event was a wonderful experience and her professionalism is unsurpassed. I would be thrilled to have her grace our stage again in the future.

Angelina Doyle

Director, New Bern Civic Theatre


Dani was utterly amazing, beyond her beautiful smile, she had charisma and when we spoke it silence the room. I remember looking at her as she spoke and shedding tears, she was so soulful. That night I let go of something but I picked up something(s) and it was exactly what I needed. Thank you so much Dani for your inspiration.

Dashinka B.

Audience Member


Dani is an amazing artist who speaks with passion, depth and insight. Her poetry is real and represents a part of her life she has fought through to live. I am excitedly looking forward to her new works as she continues to discover who she is and how she fits into this thing called Life. I look forward to her writings of marvel, triumph, and love. Professionally, she is a joy to work with and understands the lines of artistry and connecting with her/your audience.

Adinea M. D.
Event Organizer

Poetry was the Birthplace of The Work.

Learning to express what I felt was easy.  Finding the power to speak it freely... that was the hard part. Now that I have, you will never find me mute.

Dani the Poet

"Poet" was never a name I wanted to be given... funny, huh? Because it became the very thing on which everything else has been built.

Words and the ability to speak them... Priceless.

Book Dani.

In need of some poetry and spoken word at your next event? Problem solved...

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