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Bring the Work to You!

How can you get The Work where you are? 

Workshops, Seminars, Conferences, and Retreats are just a few of the ways you can bring Dani and The Work to you. For almost a decade she has been working with teenagers, women, trauma survivors, colleges, and nonprofits to provide access to life-changing tools and techniques.  The mission is to reach as many people as possible and change the world... one conversation at a time. Sometimes those conversations are with a small group of women trying to realize their worth and get back on their feet.  And other times, it's with several hundred students navigating the toughest years of their lives looking for real talk and real tools to help them do it successfully. In every conversation, it's worth it.


The seminar environment is a great place to introduce The Work. 

There is an unspoken expectation to learn something new already present and a willingness to at least be in the conversation. 

The subject matter varies depending upon the audience and the purpose of the seminar. All topics touch upon each other in one way or another because there is no way to completely separate healing, self-love, self-worth, trauma recovery, and discovering your passion and purpose in life. 



The way the information is taught will be based on what is needed for the audience to receive it. It is a great space to see the unexpected happen.

Learning Self-Love & Truly Knowing Your Worth

Finding Purpose & Following Your Passion

Lessons Learned: 
About Life, Love, & God


Retreats provide an excellent space for doing The Work. 

People come to retreats with an expectation to release, relax, and rejuvenate themselves so topics like Mindfulness, Self-Love, and Self-Worth are readily received. 

Creating an environment of openness, acceptance, and non-judgment offers each participate the opportunity to get clear and complete some of the issues that have been keeping them "stuck" and unable to move forward in their purpose.

Tools like meditation, breathing techniques, and visualization practices work well in the retreat space and work to increase the intimacy and trust of the group as well.


Workshops... just from the name you know that it's a place where The Work is going to get done! 

From interactive sessions, group activities, and maybe even some poetry, Dani is able to introduce The Work through a variety of subjects and in ways that are applicable to the audience.

In addition to the individual subjects available, group topics like Team Building, Self-Motivation and Cooperation,  Diversity Acceptance versus Tolerance, and more can all be tackled successfully in a workshop setting. 

Dani has done workshops for professional organizations, non-profits, high schools, and private groups with men, women, and teens at various stages of life.  

Regardless of age, sex, or stage in life... we all benefit from the lessons doing The Work offers. 

Self-Respect, & Boundaries

Beyond the Trauma: Healing Domestic & Sexual Violence

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