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Healing Work Comes in Many Forms...


What is Healing Work?

Healing Work encompasses a lot of modals. Depending upon your faith or religious practice, you may call it "laying on of hands", Reiki, prophecy, psychic intuition, etc. From my perspective, I don't care what you call it. I'm not interested in the name you give it. I'm only interested in the Work itself being done and healing taking place for those in need. 

In my practice, there is no room for religious debate or argument. 

There is only the Work. 

And the various tools used to practice the Work.

What are Healers Hands? How does it Work?

Healers Hands is a term used to describe when healing energy is present in someone hands. The hands may become hot and even turn red when the energy is present. It is similar to the practice of Reiki and can be be combined with it as well. 

Whenever you're dealing with a healing practice, each person is going to be slightly different. The outcome of the gift may be the same, but how it's practiced can vary. 

For me, I prefer Distance Healing sessions. I find that they are less awkward and the client is able to receive the healing more effectively. When dealing in things of faith, it's easy to feel a little "crazy". lol So, not staring at each other during the process is helpful in my experience.

The amazing part of this type of Healing Work is that all you have to do is be open to receive. 

My Core Belief

I believe that we are all divinely created from God and have Spirit dwelling within us. That means each of us has the ability to tap into the healing energy within. Sometimes the experiences we've had in life and the subsequent hurt and pain left behind blocks us from being able to go within and access our healing ability. Having a Healer you trust and discern is right for you is a great resource while you do the work necessary to heal and unblock your own personal access.

What is an Angel Card Reading? How does it Work?

From the time we are babies, we are taught to look externally for confirmation of our desires.

We look to our parents, teachers, pastors, etc to validate the inner wisdom we have telling us what steps to take in life. 

Using Angel Cards is simply another external tool to help you confirm the messages you're already receiving. 

In my practice, it is important to remember that I'm not a fortune teller or anything remotely close to that. The cards are guidance for where you are in this moment and what will come if you continue on the path you are on. You have free will to choose differently at any time and change the outcome. 

What are Emotional Healing Sessions? How does it Work?

An Emotional Healing session is literally the process of accessing your inner wisdom to efficiently identify the emotions that have you in a funk. 

Through the Perfection Healing technique, you are guided through a series of questions that lead to specific emotions (yours or some you have picked up from others) that have you feeling out of sorts, depressed, etc. 

Once the emotion(s) is identified, then you address whether it is yours, if you can simply let it go by choice, or do you need to do a little coaching work to get through it before releasing.

We are not our emotions. 

They do not have to dictate our mood or mindset. When we operate in our personal power and access our inner wisdom, we can move through the emotions and maintain a positive perspective. 

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