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What is Wellness Coaching?

Wellness Coaching is the perfect balance between personal training and life coaching. In most cities, there are a ton of gyms and personal trainers to choose from... that's not the issue. There are home workouts, Youtube videos, etc if you prefer to workout in the comfort of your own home. Recipes, nutritional information, and meal prep companies to get you eating better. 

So what's the problem? 

Why are we as a country more overweight, sick, and depressed than ever?

COACHING - The Difference Maker

Coaching is about more than encouraging words and motivational emails/texts. It's about helping clients identify their mental roadblocks that keep them stuck and then, putting practices in place to push past them. 

We know that for many, overeating is an a response to an emotional trigger. (Sometimes deep-rooted due to past trauma) Being able to clearly identify not only the trigger, the cause, and the story that comes along with it is Powerful. It allows us to change the dialogue you have with yourself and create a new story in which you are the author and reach the happy ending you desire.

Get Yo' Life - Wellness Program

Get Yo' Life is an online wellness coaching program encompassing Mindset, Nutrition, and Exercise. It is NOT a personal training program.

It is specifically designed to give you the information, tools, resources, and support you need to develop a healthy lifestyle that fits YOUR body, your SCHEDULE, and your BUSY LIFE.

There are no strict meal plans that you can't maintain long term or difficult exercises that put you at risk for injury or frustration. 

Instead the program packed full of nutritional and workout guides, recipes, example videos, etc to make sure you have everything you need to build a lifestyle you LOVE! 

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" I started Get Yo Life in March reluctantly because I wasn’t sure it would work. Four months later I am creating a life I love, I am 20 pounds lighter, and I am stronger than I have ever been. Most importantly I am falling in love with me, and that says a lot when I didn’t even like me at the beginning of all this. This isn’t just a program for me anymore, it’s the way I want to live my life."

Jennifer S Tennessee


" Get Yo’ Life has created a flexible structure for me to create a new life style that I’m not confirming to, but creating. The mindset part of this program has unbelievably opened up so many new places of self-love in my life. I’ve grown so much and my body has followed suit - I’m stronger, have gone down a dress size and my body image confidence is beginning to soar!"

Natalie B.Charlotte, NC


" Every program I have ever tried has always ended with going back to my old familiar ways and habits. That has changed. I am enjoying my new health and physical strength. Thanks Dani for being scrappy enough to coach me through my stories and schemes and endearing enough to teach me how to get my new life and hold onto it!"

Sandy B.Charlotte, NC

Knowing that you want to look better, feel better, and move better is the first step. The next is actually taking action to make that happen. As a disabled veteran who was told she would never run and be active again, I get it. I know that it's scary. The truth is that you may never reach someone else's standard of health and wellness... What you WILL do, is define and achieve the level that works for YOU! Who knows... it may be better than what you believe possible! 

Give it a try and see what happens! 

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