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Meet Dani

Known for her transparency and unapologetic honesty, Dani created a reputation as one of the "realest" spoken word artists around back in 2009. It's this realness that has catapulted her into the forefront of not just the poetry community, but as an entertainer and motivational speaker as well in the years that followed. 

Her poetry was the first expression of her truth... the writing enabled her to speak of hurts and pains that were keeping her stuck in beliefs and behaviors that kept her from living her best life. In the expression of her truth, she began to reach men and women who could identify with her pain and struggles.  An awareness began to grow that things do no have to remain the same and that through sharing, conversations, and open discussion, 

In August 2013, she reached a crossroad... It was time to either do the work to transform the truth into healing or remain the same, repeating the same stories with different people playing the roles of the same characters. 

It was time to do HER work... 

And that journey led to becoming a Certified Life Coach through the Institute of Leadership Development with a focus on Communications and Conflict Resolution, Trauma Recovery and Healing. In addition, she has become a High Performance Coach, Wellness Coach, and Spiritual Healer and Coach as well.

Reaching a place in life where the domestic and sexual abuse of her childhood, her physical disabilities as a veteran,  and challenges of battling Graves' Disease bring gratitude is empowering.  It has made Dani realize that words can be the catalyst for healing and transformation... 

It's all in how you use them. 

And by sharing her words from a place of non-judgment, love, empathy, and compassion, she hopes to bring something that the world can relate to, understand, and use to move forward in their personal journey.

Let's connect, share, heal, and GROW together!

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