We’re All Fakin’ it

In an era where everyone prides themselves on “bein’ real” it might come as a shock or a good dose of reality to learn that most of us are simply faking it.

What are we faking you ask?


Everyone wants to look good… appear like we’ve got it all together.

When the reality is that all of us are lacking in one area or another.

Hell, in multiple areas if we’re willing to admit it.

So we pretend.

We make sure that on the surface… there are no blemishes

No wrinkles

All is in order and in place.

Except it is like looking at a model home…

There’s no LIFE in it.

You’re merely existing rather than living

And have convinced yourself that you’re happy

Because at the very least, you’re safe…

And of course, you look good.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if this were actually enough??

If there wasn’t that small voice nagging in the back of our head..

Or rather, tugging on our heart

Telling us that there’s more?

But it’s there… you hear it

The question is: What, if anything, are you willing to do about it?

That’s the start of the conversation.

Let’s Talk.


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