Stir the Pot, Please

If you’ve posted memes, articles, or thoughts regarding system racism in the last few months, you may have been accused of “stirring the pot”. The insinuation is that you don’t have a valid point and are merely trying to create or stir up drama.

The hope is that you will become more concerned with defending your character and the reason for your post than the actual issue you posted to begin with. If they are really lucky, maybe you’ll question whether or not you even have a point or are actually making things worse by addressing the issue.

Gaslighting at its finest.

Here’s the thing… our pot hasn’t been stirred well since the 60s. The pasta is clumped together, the heat isn’t evenly dispersed, and the sauce is burnt on the bottom. For those at the top and those eating from the top, they don’t see the problem. And how dare you scrape that burnt stuff up and ruin the rest of the dish, right?

The problem is that WE are the dish. Gordon Ramsey doesn’t serve the top few spoonfuls of a burnt soup, does he? Hell no! Because he understands the burnt sauce on the bottom has tainted the taste of the entire soup, however mild it may or may not be, that burnt taste is there. You can’t separate the sauce.

We humans are the same way.

We are Connected. We are One.

And for those sitting at the bottom, those clumped together, those getting burned more frequently by life than others pot stirring is welcome. As matter of fact, stir the pot frequently to ensure the heat is distributed evenly, no one gets stuck at the bottom, and we all have the opportunity to “cook” properly into the best tasting version of ourselves.

Then, and only then, do we serve up the four star dish we claim as a people and country to be.

So yes, I’m stirring the pot.

For every Black, Brown, Indigenous, Person of Color…

For every woman who still has to get permission or approval on what to do with her body from physicians or lawmakers and is still paid less for her work regardless of how well she performs…

For every person whose needs are different, not special, but different than the majority…

For every person living in poverty in one of the richest countries in the world…

For anyone who finds themselves at the bottom of the pot, forgotten about, stuck, and getting burned…

I stir the pot for you.

Please, stir the pot too.

13 thoughts on “Stir the Pot, Please”

  1. From a young age, my dad called me an “agitator”. That was what all white men his age called anybody speaking up for justice in the 60s and 70s. I don’t mind that label at all.

    1. I’ve am learning to embrace “pot stirrer”, “activist”, “firebrand”, and just about anything else that they want to say. #imwithyou

  2. Ware your “pot stirrer ” badge well my friend! Most people are afraid to stir the pot or rock the boat. We need to stay within the lines on the page. Many of us were raised that way. “People will talk” or (and this one I HATE) “we have never done it that way before” or “thats just the way it is”. Well, I have my spoon is in hand and its getting closer to the pot. HERE. I. GOOO.

  3. They better get me a bigger spoon because imma stir that pot. We Indigenous , Brown and Black brothers and sisters stand together and show them we are what makes the food in the pot taste so good. Our diverse cultures our ways if life we have been taught . It’s beautiful and we all have something to offer. Stop racism in its tracks.

  4. Too many pots have been sitting stale for way too long, and they need to be stirred again! Our children, and their children, and their children will go hungry if we don’t stir the pot from the bottom up to the top!! Count me in as a pot stirring instructor !

  5. I was taught from the beginning that nobody is better than the next person. You should treat others with compassion and respect. I have never backed down to a bully. I will always stand up for what is right, loving kind and compassionate. So I am here and I am with you.. standing with you and stirring up this big ole pot. I am ready for some different, delicious recipes in this universe. I have hope…but I will always keep stirring. Love you 💜

  6. Dani,
    I too am the girl who will jump out of any box you try to put me in. I have worked HARD all my life right beside men on the farm and in the office and been told that I need to know my place. Hell I know my place it’s where every I want to go. I will not settle for the way thing are. I have been woke up from my sleeping state and I will question EVER single thing from here on out. I’ve wasted so much of my time on earth following the requirements, vaccinating my children, pushing them to comply with outlandish rules made by racist rich men who want people to live in fear. I’m only afraid of the mistakes I have made by constantly thinking they were right and knew what was best for me and mine. No more! I will help you STIR IT UP, SHAKE IT OUT, and SHINE a LIGHT on it so that every single good ol boy club and EVERY WHOLE in the HOLE gang agenda has been revealed! That is the ONLY way we can make things better. #imwithyou

  7. All my report cards from kindergarten go to high school said I talk too much okay.. I speak what’s on my mind I speak the truth I stand up for the underdog always have always will thank you for all you do for us we appreciate you more than you’ll ever know

  8. I never cared who (They) we’re or what (They) thought. Still don’t. I have a proposition for you Dani. Private message me When you have a second. I would very much like to speak with you about something.

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